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Children Dentistry

By introducing your child to the dentist from an early age (we recommend from 3 years unless there are any concerns prior), you are helping to ensure the teeth are developing normally, kept clean and are free of cavities. Routine 6 monthly preventative care appointments can ensure that if a concern is found early, treatment required and costs involved can be kept to a minimum. It is our mission to provide a gentle approach, so that each visit is a pleasant one.

We look forward to seeing your kids’ faces light up in our dental office with their beautiful smiles. We build excitement about dental visits and we show kids how important it is to keep those cavity bugs away.

Along with our kid friendly amenities, our Picnic Point Dental Clinic staff are all very positive and happy!
We’ll get your child comfortable under a cozy blanket, hugging his favourite stuffed animal while getting their dental treatment.
In addition, we use techniques and technology that allows us to perform pain-free procedures and fillings without any injections at all, and all care is provided with a gentle touch. 

So whether your child needs a Mouthguard for sport, fillings or perhaps some Fissure sealants; rest assured that they will have an exceptional experience at Picnic Point Dental Clinic.

Why are my Child’s Baby teeth important
Your Child’s primary teeth, otherwise known as “milk teeth” are vital in the long-term development of your child’s oral health.

  • They hold the space for your child’s permanent teeth and guide their eruption into the correct position
  • They help with speech development
  • They enable your child to eat and chew solid food which in turn help their overall health

Positive Childhood Experience for a Lifetime of Smiles

That is our aim. Giving your child a great experience at the Dental office. We realise that children’s experience at the dental office from a young age can have a great impact on how they feel about dental care for the rest of their life, and that’s why we don’t take this lightly! Our pledge to you is to make your child’s experience with us the best it can possibly be, each and every time. And that’s a promise.


Fissure sealants help to prevent tooth decay. This is done so by filling in the pits and fissures in the molar teeth where dental decay most often occurs. Sealants are most commonly done on children when the molars first come through, to prevent any bacteria or decay from forming prior to treatment.

Individual results may vary. Please consult us to find out if a procedure is suitable for you.
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Some of the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-quality materials are used to provide a full range of diagnostic, preventive and restorative dental treatments and dental care for kids. These include:

  • First dental visits 
  • Dental check-up and clean
  • Tooth coloured mercury-free fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Orthodontic dental care
  • Nitrous oxide (happy gas) for anxious children
  • Digital low-radiation X-rays
  • Dietary and nutritional advice for parents